What Is Dedicated Hosting?

When people say dedicated hosting they are actually referring to a website that is utilizing a dedicated server. A dedicated server is able to contribute all of its resources to a single website whereas a website on a shared hosting plan must share the server’s resources with multiple websites.


Owning a dedicated server gives you the capability to optimize the server to your preference and even allows you to have control over what security will be used.

The Benefits Of a Dedicated Server

The most obvious benefit of having a dedicated server is power. You will no longer have to worry about other websites leeching your server’s resources or causing you any unwanted decline in performance.

Another great benefit of owning a dedicated server is that since you technically own it, you can optimize it however you see fit.

You have complete control over privacy, security, and server resources.

The Downside of Dedicated

Although dedicated servers are ideal for those looking for power and performance, they still have their downsides.

For example, dedicated servers can be very expensive. This is especially true if you happen to try and do your own maintenance and break something. Server engineers are not cheap and inexperienced users should not be trying to do any DIY repairs.

Owning a dedicated servers may also require you to hire someone to actually do the setup as well. That being said, there are still dedicated hosting plans that allow you to have a managed dedicated server that will eliminate that headache. 

Other Information

The most common dedicated servers being used for websites today are dedicated linux severs and dedicated windows servers.

Dedicated Linux Servers – These servers are usually bought to run WordPress websites as well as other select applications.

Dedicated Windows Servers – These dedicated servers usually run web applications that use ASP.NET.

Who Should Use It?

Website owners who have websites that receive a large volume of internet traffic or those wanting to upgrade their website’s performance.

Common Questions

When Should I Buy a Dedicated Server?

If your website is starting to grow or you find your shared hosting plan isn't giving you the desired speed, then it's probably time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Will a Dedicated Server Really Benefit My Website?

A dedicated server can

Are Dedicated Servers Hard to Setup?

Dedicated servers can be a little challenging to setup and it is suggested that you have substantial experience before setting one up yourself.

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