What Is An EV SSL Certificate?

An EV SSL Certificate is also known as an Extended Validation Certificate. This new type of SSL certificate is meant to give users more confidence by having them know who actually has control of the website using the EV Certificate.

EV Certificates let users know that they are browsing a real website owned by a specific entity and not an imposter’s website.

website using an extended validation ssl certificate
An example of a website using an Extended Validation SSL Certificate

When a user comes to a website that is using an EV SSL Certificate, the website will have the company’s name and country in green text.

So, if any of you were wondering how you can get the fabled green bar to show up on your domain name, well the answer is easy, buy an Extended Validation Certificate.

Extended Validation Compared to Standard SSL

Now days, a Standard SSL certificate is issued  and validated by a user only having to prove ownership of a domain.

However, many years ago a user had to submit their phone number, business registration, address, and other information before you could be issued an SSL certificate.

When comparing the two certificates, the only real difference is that the EV SSL will give your website  the greenbar just like shown in the example above.

Both types of SSL certificates do the same job and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Buy an EV SSL?

Large companies are who mainly should buy these types of SSL certificates.

Is The Extra Cost Really Worth It?

That's very subjective and it really depends on who you ask. In most cases, a standard SSL certificate will work just fine.

Is an EV SSL Better Than a Normal SSL?

No. They are literally one in the same.

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