What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting aka a Virtual Private Server is a hosting option that tries to mimic a dedicated server while still being housed in a shared hosting environment. VPS Hosting is actually a hybrid between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in the sense that when you have your own VPS, you do get to use a set amount of dedicated resources while still being on a shared hosting environment. 

VPS Versus Dedicated

A Virtual Private Server is very similar to having your own dedicated server in the sense that VPS hosting still dedicates a specific amount of resources to you.

However, dedicated servers will still out perform Virtual Private Servers due to the fact that websites running on Virtual Private Servers are still on a shared hosting environment.

Dedicated servers are able to dedicate the server’s entirety of resources to one user at all times.

The Benefits Of VPS Hosting

One of the best benefits of having a Virtual Private Server is that you will get your own dedicated resources which can lead to some serious performance improvements.

Another great benefit to VPS hosting is this type of environment allows for greater customization since you will be using your own operating system.

A Virtual Private Server will also give you the ability to perform a system restart at any time.

The Drawbacks of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting doesn’t have very many drawbacks, but it still has one or two that many people would consider debatable.

Drawback #1 – VPS Hosting is still ran through a shared hosting environment which means it still can’t compete on a fair playing field against a dedicated server.

Drawback #2 – If you need to customize any server applications such as Apache, MySQL, or PHP but you lack the experience to do so, then you probably won’t be able to utilize a VPS to its fullest capabilities.

Additional Information

Did you know that when you use VPS Hosting nobody else on your shared hosting environment will be able to use your assigned dedicated RAM?

Who Should Use It?

Website owners who have outgrown shared hosting should opt to tryout a VPS hosting option before committing the monetary resources necessary to buy a dedicates server.

VPS Hosting plans are also a great option for someone who doesn’t have the experience necessary to run and manage a dedicated server.

Questions Related to VPS

Should New Website Owners Use VPS?

If your website is starting to outgrow your shared hosting plan, then it's probably time to upgrade to a VPS.

Is VPS Hosting Good For WordPress

Absolutely. A VPS Hosting solution is a step up from shared hosting, so VPS Hosting is a great choice for WordPress websites.

Will VPS Make My Website Faster?

Theoretically when compared to normal shared hosting plans, yes.

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