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How to Choose the Right Hosting Plan

If you’re new to owning or building websites, then picking a suitable hosting plan might seem like a daunting task. Don’t worry, we’re going to make you somewhat of a web hosting expert before you’re finished reading this post and you’ll be able to share this wealth of knowledge with other people that need help, too.

The Different Hosting Options

Most hosting companies have three hosting options available to their customers and chances are, most of you reading this will end up selecting either a shared hosting plan or a VPS. Nevertheless, let’s continue to learn about the options available to you and how they differ from one another.

Shared Hosting – This type of hosting plan is one of the most popular hosting options available. This is mostly due to its affordability and its ability to be upgraded as needed. However, with shared hosting you will be forced to “share” your server’s resources with many other individuals. This plan is a great way for those of you who are just starting out and haven’t accumulated a large amount of traffic on your website.

Dedicated HostingDedicated Hosting runs off of a dedicated server that only distributes its resources to one client or individual. This type of hosting is one of the most expensive options available and should only be used if your site gets large amounts of traffic and if you’re comfortable paying someone to manage it for you or you have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage it yourself. – This type of hosting is NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – VPS Hosting is a mix between shared hosting and dedicated hosting in the sense that it dedicates a specific amount of RAM to you while you still share the server with other individuals. This hosting option is best for websites that are starting to outgrow normal hosting plans and that are starting to receive a fair amount of internet traffic.

Choosing Your Hosting Plan

Let’s discuss how you should go about choosing your hosting plan and what kinds of questions you should be asking yourself before making a purchase. But, before you do that please also think about your long term goals as well as thinking about the costs involved. Keeping things like this in mind can help you make your final decision.

Is Your Website New?

Do You Get Over 1,000 Visitors a Day?

Have You Optimized Your Website?

How Many Pages or Posts Does Your Current Website Have?

Are You Going to Actively Add to Your Website?

Do You Plan On Having One Website or Multiple Websites?

What Type of Website Are You Trying to Host?

When to Use Shared Hosting

Feel free to ask yourself those questions before deciding to either buy a shared hosting plan, a VPS, or a dedicated server. If you plan on having just one website and or if you already have a website, but it receives very little traffic, then you might want to consider sticking with just a shared hosting plan. That is until you have decided to either ramp up your SEO or utilize other marketing channels to increase your web traffic.

When to Use VPS

If you plan on owning or reselling other people hosting services, then a VPS solution would be the best choice for you. VPS hosting is a little more expensive than normal shared hosting, but it will definitely put you a cut above the rest and it will be able to deliver much more power than you would normally get. This option is also great for websites that have a bit of age on them and have tons of content and images. Not to mention, Virtual Private Servers are also great for users who plan on building a blog that will be used by multiple authors who will aggressively push content on a daily or weekly basis.

When to Use a Dedicated Server

As most of you have probably already guessed, you should only choose to buy a dedicated server if you absolutely have to and it has become a necessity for your website. For example, if your website sees at least 1,000 visitors a day or more and you’re already on a VPS or you need a platform that gives you more control over privacy and optimization, then a dedicated server is probably what you will need.

Other Helpful Advice

We have told you what you should do when you’re ready to buy hosting, but now we also want to discuss what not to do as well. This piece of advice holds true in almost any case and you should always remember to do this before coming to a final decision.

More Expensive Does Not Always Mean Better

This is especially true when it comes to picking the right package for your website. Just because you may have the means to do something or the know how, doesn’t always mean you should go out and do it. Having more power means nothing if you aren’t actively keeping up with your website or creating new content quite frequently to attract more visitors.

Ask Other Experts Before Making a Decision

Networking with individuals who have experience with web hosting can also help you make a more informed decision. It also helps if you happen to know someone who works in this field on a daily basis, but try to always get a high level version of their opinion so that the information you receive doesn’t get confusing. You can always feel free to give us a call if you need some answers about these types of questions, too. The phone number to our 24/7 support line is (480)-624-2500.

Do Your Own Research

Making sure you do your own due diligence and study about some of the plans mentioned in this article will not only help you become more acquainted with the options available to you, but it will also be easier to make a decision in the future as well. Remember, the more you know the better off you’ll be. We hope that this article has helped and we encourage you to check back often for updated information. Until next time, be well and stay safe.

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