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Is Shared Hosting a Good Option For WordPress?

Shared hosting options are good for almost any new website and after reading more of this article things will start to become a little more clear.

Shared Hosting Plans Explained

Most new WordPress website owners use some sort of shared hosting plan one way or another. Anyways, we’re going to explain what shared hosting really is and what you can expect from these types of hosting packages.

Shared hosting by definition is a hosting plan where several different websites all share a server’s resources. Click here to get more detailed information about this type of hosting.

Shared Hosting Costs

One of the greatest benefits to buying a shared hosting plan is the low annual costs. Shared hosting plans are by far some of the cheapest hosting options available for WordPress website owners. That being said, let’s break down the costs of an average shared hosting plan so you know what you can expect in terms of yearly fees.

Will My WordPress Website Be Slow?

Many people ask this question to their hosting provider on a daily basis and unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as you might think. When it comes to creating a high performance WordPress website, hosting is just one of the many factors involved.

Believe it or not, until your WordPress site starts receiving tons and tons of traffic, it should perform relatively well on a shared hosting plan. However, since I know most of you are looking for more finite answer to this question, let’s take a look at some of the more common factors that could cause a slow WordPress Website.

WordPress Performance Factors

In most cases, there are four main factors other that can lead to a slow WordPress site and they are plugins, your WordPress theme, malware or viruses, and lack of optimization.

1. Plugins

Many people install way too many plugins on their WordPress website and unfortunately this comes at a cost. If you haven’t guessed already, the cost is your website’s performance. Many WordPress experts and so called Gurus will say that you shouldn’t have more than 20 plugins installed on your WordPress website, but our experts here at Digital Brain Food believe that even having more than 5 plugins installed could cause your website some major issues when it comes to loading times.

2. WordPress Themes

Believe it or not, your WordPress theme could also play a major role on the overall performance of your website, too. Some theme developers either don’t know how to optimize their code so that it performs well according to Google’s best practices or they are just too lazy to make the necessary updates to keep improving it.

3. Malware Impacts Website Speed Too

In case anyone reading this isn’t aware, malware and viruses can also cause a WordPress website to load slow. It is also a good idea to get website security for your WordPress site if you haven’t already and if you don’t want to buy a plan right now, then why not try installing WordFence until you can purchase a more robust automated solution?

4. Skipping Out on Optimization

Before you start thinking about upgrading your shared hosting plan you should be making sure that you optimized your WordPress website and that you have tested it thoroughly with tools such as Google Page Speed Insights or GTMetrix. More often than not many WordPress users don’t have the knowledge or the know how to ensure their WordPress websites are completely optimized and this can also and most likely will be the reason your website might seem slow.

Why Shared Hosting Is Great For WordPress

There is a few reasons why shared hosting is a great option for WordPress websites and we’ll discuss those here very shortly. However, If you’re worried that a run of the mill shared hosting plan still might be too slow for your WordPress website, then I encourage you to explore our VPS hosting plans. Virtual Private Servers or VPS hosting for short, is a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With a VPS hosting plan you will receive a set amount of dedicated resources just like you would if you owned your own dedicated server, but without the added extra cost.

Now, let’s continue discussing why you should give shared hosting a try before jumping into a costly hosting plan you might not need.

  • Shared hosting is one of the most affordable hosting options available.
  • You can always upgrade your shared hosting plan if you need to.
  • This type of hosting doesn’t require the assistance of a server administrator.
  • There aren’t any maintenance fees associated with the annual costs.

So, if you have been debating on whether or not to purchase a shared hosting plan for a new WordPress website you have either built or are thinking about building, then we highly recommend going with a shared hosting option before trying to take on the challenges of owning a dedicated server.



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